Solutions for Colombia

Empresas Banmédica is a Chilean-based company focused on health care insurance and care delivery, with presence in Chile, Colombia and Peru. It is a leading private health care company across the markets in which it operates, serving more than 2.1 million consumers through health benefits and nearly 4 million patients through the delivery of health care across 13 hospitals and 143 medical centers. 

Health Care Insurers


Colmédica Medicina Prepagada is one of the largest prepaid medical companies in Colombia with innovative alternatives in the private health sector.


Aliansalud EPS is a health care insurance provider with a firm commitment to improve the quality of life though opportune services in the POS Mandatory Health Plan.

Care Delivery

Clínica del Country

Founded in 1962, Clínica del Country is a medical institution made up of independent physicians focused on delivering high quality care. 

Clínica La Colina

Built on a patient centric model, Clínica La Colina is a clinical institution that leverages science, technology and human expertise to deliver high quality and efficient health services.

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