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International Plans for Short-Term Assignments

For your global business to perform at its best, you need your people to be at their best. That means putting the right coverage and protection in place to reduce elevated levels of risk that could compromise the health, safety, and security of business travelers abroad should the unexpected happen.

Designed to fit the unique needs of business travelers on trips lasting 6 months or less, our plans combine the best of a traditional Business Travel Accident plan with a Business Travel Medical plan. From emergency and urgent medical coverage to 24/7 support, assistance and destination intelligence reports, our approach results in more cost-effective solutions with end-to-end protection.

Products and services

Group Coverage*

  • Medical treatment and prescriptions due to accidents or unexpected illness
  • Dental emergencies
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Leisure travel in combination with a business trip**
  • Family/dependent coverage**
  • AD&D**

Every plan includes:

  • Flexible cover
  • 24/7 customer care and support
  • Access to in-house clinical expertise
  • Direct payment to vetted providers

*Denotes medical benefits filed in Certificates of Coverage. Security and natural disaster evacuation coverage is not available in New York, Florida and Georgia.
**Benefits and services vary depending on your organization’s program.

  • Medication and vaccine transfers
  • Medical provider and dental referrals
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Hospital payment facilitation
  • Medical and insurance information relay
  • Family and employer updates
  • Corrective lens and medical device replacements
  • Medical and security destination intelligence

*Non-insurance assistance services are offered as part of a group business travel program. Some services may be at an additional cost. Additional optional assistance services may be available. Some assistance services are delivered by third party providers, coordinated by UnitedHealthcare Global.

  • Transfer of funds
  • Lost document replacement assistance
  • Legal referrals
  • Translation facilitation and referral
  • Emergency travel arrangement assistance
  • Message transmittal

  • Medical and security intelligence
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Security and transport services*
  • Custom reporting*
  • Travel tracking*
  • Consultation and training*

*Benefits and services vary depending on your organization’s program. Some assistance services are delivered by third party providers, coordinated by UnitedHealthcare Global. 

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Long-Term Assignments

International insurance plans for expatriates.

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Assistance and Security

Worldwide support designed to mitigate risk and the expertise to manage the unexpected.

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